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What's life like in Japan and the Philippines?

We've been battling strep and the flu here and are just starting to feel better.

We've been having a wonderful exchange with our partner groups in Mandaue, Olango and Cortega in the Philippines. Our tireless coordinator there has done such an amazing job trying to get our videos to all the kids in the three different locations there and has given us some amazing videos for the kids here in Japan to watch and learn from.

This last video was about daily life in the Philippines for the children in these areas. The videos had shots of the kids cooking in traditional ways, doing chores, playing and what their school looked like. We sent a similar video showing what the kids do here for school and what their after-school lives are like.

I love taking their questions while they watch the videos with their new friends because the questions I expect them to ask, they don't. And the questions I don't expect them to ask, they do.

We're looking forward to our third month of exchange with our friends in the Philippines and can't wait to send your our videos!

Questions, questions and more questions!
Screenshot of a video from the Philippines

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