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Where has the first half of 2020 gone? Our fun and amazing plans with Shree Arunodaya Secondary School in Nepal came to a screeching halt at the beginning of March when schools in Nepal, Japan and around the world were closed.

In January and February on this 3-month program on disaster risk resilience, the kids introduced their countries and culture, and started talking about their experiences and how they can prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis, floods, and typhoons. The kids in Nepal showed a demonstration of an evacuation drill at school, while the kids in Japan talked about and showed how they prepare emergency packs. A guest speaker came to talk to the kids about the relationship between disasters and the SDGs, focusing on gender issues and how some people are disproportionately affected during a disaster.

Our plans in March to set up a disaster risk map for our communities have been put on hold indefinitely until life settles into a new normal.

Classes have been temporarily suspended, but we are looking forward to talking with our friends in Nepal again soon!

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