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K2K x Willow Grove (USA)

The first-ever Kids2Kids program comes to a successful end!

In our last month with our partner school in the U.S., the kids here in Japan learned about the impacts that waste has on their lives, how and what plastics are recycled in Kitakyushu, and about the 5Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse/repair, recycle, rot). They also got to learn about the situation of waste in the U.S. as well as what kids and families do there to help the environment.

We had an amazing three months learning together with our friends at Willow Grove Elementary School in the U.S. between October and December 2018. For many of the kids here in Japan, it was their first time to actually "talk" to kids from another country on their own level. They learned so much. I would like to thank my partner teacher at WGES for all the work she put into making this program beneficial not only for her own students, but our group here as well!

We will be kicking off our next session from January to March with a group in the Philippines!

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