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All about New Zealand!

How would you get yourself and six of your friends off of a deserted island with only a book, an empty Coke can, a pair of wooden chopsticks, a fan, 3 plastic bags, and some small pieces of netting for the sink?

That was the challenge facing the kids at the Jeugia Culture Center as we kicked off our last class with New Zealand before we broke for summer vacation.

The kids decided that they would have to shrink themselves down to the size of a small doll in order to be able to use what they had on hand, so they're still stranded on the island at the moment.

They tried to reason out why these items were on the deserted island in the first place until one of the kids let the others know that the things we throw away can wash up on the shores of other places around the world.

With our guest speaker, we learned about the Maori, the hongi (a traditional Maori greeting), and how to make poi. The class also had a surprise when their friends in New Zealand Skyped them to say hi in real time.

The kids will be back again in the fall! Can’t wait to see what adventures await us next year!

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